Stazione marittima Genova

Our method

arrivo1We have the fortune of living in Italy. We do the researches directly in the archives both public and ecclesiastical, not only in Genoa and in La Liguria, where we live, but in the whole national territory.

We travel a lot, do research and check personally the documents, if necessary; we count on a qualified network of experts who also help us in the ancestors’ arrival countries.

We have learned that only research ‘’in the field ‘’ can lead to the ancestor’s place of birth.

Many of the Italians archives are entirely accessible if the consultation is personal and it is done being physically present. The direct consultation of the Italian archives, allows us to advance on the research, take note of particular data, discover unexpected information and important links.

On the other hand, only the professionalism and enthusiasm we put in the researches allows us to have a successful percentage rate above 90% and maintain; therefore, the formula payment on delivery of the documents we always take in charge.

A formula that seems to be the best presentation card of our business for our customers.