Stazione marittima Genova

Relationship with clients

arrivo2When a client contacts us to do research, we evaluate together with them, all the information in their possession, in particular, that coming from the documents in their power (marriage certificate, death certificate, children’s birth certificate etc). This first step is essential for analyzing if the research is possible and if positive, to estimate our time and endeavor, achieving this way doing a right estimation to develop the job.

If there is an agreement on the budget, the client will send us an authorization for their and our protection to research for their ancestors’ documents and we will work from there.
We will not ask for money upfront or money for expenses, the risk is ours; we rather like to think that our client is protected from eventual impossibilities of getting to find the desired document and not spend money in lost funds.

When we find the researched documents, the clients are notified. Once in our hands, duly legalized and apostilled, if necessary, we send the client a partial advance of the document to show them the existence and authenticity of the document.

Once the payment is received, the document will be sent immediately by e-mail with an analysis of the same and by international certified mail from which we will provide the tracking number.