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Special researches

Immigrant children - Ellis IslandThere are very particular researches, because the people for whom the birth certificate is researched for are special too.

We are talking about abandoned children, a phenomenon in the past centuries, very frequently nowadays.
Well then, these people once adults, but also in the teenage age, end up migrating many times.

It is not easy to find the birth certificate of these particular migrants, they frequently had conventional or fantasy names; they usually provided names of invented parents due to shame o stated the names of their adoptive parents, and this makes us do a long and complex research.

Archivio ospedale PammatoneTheir corresponding descendants do not know anything about their ancestor’s origin, also because we have observed that these migrants frequently reached certain economic success and none of them suspects of their unfortunate origins, our policy is to communicate the research results strictly reserved.

The experience we have accumulated in these researches, the histories and stories we have studied, the knowledge of the corresponding particular archives allows us, above all, to find the documents that certify conclusively the identity of the searched person, considering the absence of the parents’ names.