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nostalgia1“How long is it going to take for you to get my ancestor’s document?”

It is normal for clients to frequently ask this question.

Obviously, it is not possible to determine how long the research is going to take; sometimes the researches that seem easy turn out to be complicated, perhaps by mistake in the initial information, sometimes luck (it also does it!)helps us and the right path is found quickly instead.

However, we did an analysis of the jobs done in the last years and have seen that the research average time of an Italian birth certificate is between one and two months, about 45 days.

Sometimes, there is a significant period of time between the finding of the document and its obtaining. There are town halls and parishes having difficulties issuing them due to lack of personnel. It is also necessary to bear in mind that these documents must be frequently subject to legalizations and apostilled and these steps done for authenticate them, consume a specific time.

It is our costume to maintain the client informed on the progress of the search.