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Search for ancestors

partenza01For the recognition of the Italian citizenship, the first requirement demanded by the Italian consulates and embassies is the submission of the Italian ancestor’s original birth certificate (Certificato di Nascita).

We find this document, and the rest of them like the marriage certificate, the children’s certificates, etc.
We identify the migrant ancestor’s place of birth, date of birth, marriage date, either if it happened in Italy or in the country where he migrated; we can find the corresponding certificates, either issued by the church or the town hall.

It is a difficult job which requires experience and specific knowledge. There is not a central archive in Italy, but thousand of small town halls’ and parishes’ archives, over 8000 municipalities and 26000 parishes.

Panetteria LucchesiThis makes the searching of people away from us throughout time, hard and exhausting like the one of our ancestors above all if they migrated abroad.
Our methodology is based on direct researching, in the scene of events, in the city archives, and in the places where we believe, the Italian immigrant was born. We like to do directly the search without delegating it to someone else.

Therefore, it is necessary to know what these archives contain, the consultation and access possibilities, where and how to find useful documents, know how to read and interpret the documents, establish linkages among them to find the way leading to the immigrant’s place of birth, and the other certificates important in their life.
We study the history and the territory where the Italian ancestor came from; we do an in-depth study of your family history through the documents found in the State Archives (cadastral, compulsory military service, etc), researching directly in the ecclesiastical and public archives, in those of difficult access too, thanks to the network of relationships, we have established throughout the time.

With constancy, enthusiasm, and determination, the result is usually achieved.